Luke Chao

Hypnotist and Instructor at The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis
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Hypnotist (hypnotherapist) in practice since 2006, based in Toronto, Canada and with an international clientele. Deep thinker and originator of perspectives that create a higher quality of life.

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  • Your body is an excellent listener. When you start thinking that something bad is about to happen, it prepares for something bad happening. And when you think that good things are going to happen, it prepares for good things happening. Just like every other relationship, your relationship with your body is determined by the way you treat it.

  • As adults, we don't stop believing in monsters in the dark: it's just that the "monsters" turn to rejection, criticism and other possibilities that appear as threats to us.

  • As an adult, you are your own highest moral authority. If you believe you've done well, you can tell yourself that, and the highest authority has spoken.