Maddy Rotman

Head of Sustainability at Imperfect Foods
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Maddy is the Head of Sustainability at Imperfect Foods, a for-profit social enterprise that aims at tackling food waste through changing redistribution networks. Maddy’s responsibilities include ensuring Imperfect Foods has the most carbon-efficient model for delivery, creating operations that generate zero waste to landfill, and launching Imperfect’s first sustainability report.

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  • We really started Imperfect to save ugly fruits and veggies because it really felt wrong for fruits and vegetables to get tossed aside because they just look different. And from there, we were sourcing knobby carrots, oversized sweet potatoes, tiny lemons, tiny apples [etc.] that were basically deemed imperfect or not sellable by conventional retail. And these are items that would either get left in the field, composted, tilled under, or landfilled.

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