Maggie Gomez

Certified Financial Planner at Money With Maggie
On the record

Maggie is a Certified Financial Planner who’s worked for Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley, and E*Trade. While there, she realized only those with a large net worth received quality financial guidance and attention. Determined to change this reality, she started her own company, “Money with Maggie”. She offers individual guidance sessions, has an introductory investing course, and over 70 financial videos on her YouTube channel. Her goal is to make it easier for others to start investing sooner.

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  • I personally recommend 80% of your portfolio in index funds and 20% in individual stocks as a starting point for your overall investments. People spend a lot of time searching when you can just look around your house. What are you spending money on? Those are probably the companies that are good to invest in, especially just starting out.

    16 October 2021
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