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I provide practical and strategic business and legal solutions to small and medium-sized businesses at below-market rates. I invest, support and help businesses grow and look for opportunities to disrupt and better marketplaces.

The traditional law firm model is broken, specifically when it comes to representing the SMB market. The billable hour combined with huge overheads creates an inefficient marketplace that has taken lawyers from the position of a trusted advisor at the table with business owners to merely being a backstop. We’ve disrupted this model and changed the paradigm to a monthly subscription of outside general counsel services by keeping our rates below market and utilizing technology to advance our business. We learn what you do and why you do it and then integrate into your team to help you grow.

My background is not typical of a business attorney in private practice or a strategic consultant. I'm a former C-Suite executive and a seasoned General Counsel with emphasis on shepherding growth and change management and executing on vision for technology-based companies. I have a strong background as a corporate attorney and I pride myself on being a business lawyer that gets deals done, not undone. I assess risk and define and implement programs to mitigate it, through infrastructure development, implementation of information technology and/or insurance programs. I am a constant learner and believer in continuous improvement at all levels to be successful.

I also strategically support and invest in technology and business concepts that are disruptive as well as serve on Boards of Advisors/Directors to help businesses move forward.

Specialties: Outside General Counsel, operations management, strategy, government contracting, commercial contract drafting and negotiation, mergers and acquisitions, corporate compliance, corporate governance, training, litigation management, general corporate law, and risk management.

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  • The real estate market on both the commercial and residential side will more than likely fall off a proverbial cliff as forbearance programs come to an end and stimulus funding runs out in early to mid-2021. For those with cash on hand and unleveraged balance sheets, there will be significant opportunities to buy up distressed and foreclosed properties.

    13 January 2021
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