Marcell King

Chief Innovation Officer at Payveris
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Marcell oversees Payveris’ platform management, channel/account management, solutions consulting, sales and marketing efforts. A seasoned payments and banking industry executive, he is responsible for developing, directing and executing the company’s sales and marketing strategies as well as conveying how Payveris completes the connection that brings together financial institutions, consumers and merchants within the digital payments process.

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  • At Payveris, we're obsessed with understanding what consumers want. They expect money movement to be frictionless—easy, instant and secure. Financial institutions that fail to deliver that P2P experience are going to lose customers because of how many options exist today.

    19 October 2021
  • We’re rolling out this integrated solution with a mid-sized East Coast bank, and we’re quickly learning that the personalization of P2P transactions goes well beyond the gifting use-case, such as birthday and anniversary gifts. It’s been a popular means for sending custom employee spot rewards, and we’re discovering user preference to include unique messages with everyday P2P transfers because it’s fun and engaging. By monetizing P2P in this way, financial institutions gain greater ROI from the increased customer loyalty. This is truly digital payments differentiated!

    2 October 2020
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