Marcia Layton Turner

Executive Director and Founder at Association of Ghostwriters
On the record

I'm an award-winning freelance writer, professional ghostwriter, and bestselling nonfiction author. I love working with entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders who have stories to tell or ideas to share, as well as corporations with a need for content. Case studies, white papers, and profiles are my favorite. If you dread having to attempt to pen a big writing project, like a book or e-book - or you simply can't find the time to - let me do it for you. I'll save you time and let you focus on doing what you do best, while I take care of writing what you need written. Once your book is finished, you can forever call yourself an author, pursue speaking engagements, and position yourself as the subject matter expert, authority, and thought leader that you are.

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  • The $19.99 Productivity Cube helps her stay focused while writing. The plastic cube has various time increments etched into the sides. You set the cube down with the time you want facing up, it counts down, and then buzzes when your time is up.

    30 September 2021