Margaret Reid

Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager at Union Bank
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Margaret is the vice president and senior portfolio manager for The Private Bank responsible for managing investment portfolios on behalf of high-net-worth clients, trusts, foundations, and non-profit organizations. She works with a team of specialists in The Private Bank, an exclusive part of Union Bank®, providing wealth planning, investments, risk management, trust and estate services, and banking.

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  • The longer term considerations of the retail sector should also include what consumer behavior will persist regardless of vaccine success: less frequent trips to the mall; more adoption of shopping online versus in-store; the importance of on-trend inventory. Mall retailers—who have seen the most negative impact from the pandemic—will likely continue to lose market share, regardless of vaccine developments, to those retailers who can provide the consistent value and convenience the U.S. consumer now expects at an ever-increasing pace.

    5 April 2021
  • Of the retailer bankruptcy filings so far, the common denominators have been lack of e-commerce scale and capability, largely mall-based locations, narrow breadth of assortments (e.g. apparel-only, home-only), and, in seven of the 19 filings, private-equity owned enterprises that were overly burdened with debt.

    5 April 2021
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    Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager