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Mark is a seasoned leader with extensive experience in the financial sector. Mark’s vision for OpenExchange is driven by his ability to see where traditional financial services are enhanced by technological advancements. He was previously the CEO of Soundview Technology Group and, through its acquisition of Soundview, an EVP of Charles Schwab Corp. Before Soundview, Mark was the head of investment banking of the firm’s predecessor, Wit Capital, the first online investment bank, known for pioneering innovation to the distribution of IPOs. Earlier in his career, he was with Smith Barney, and was president of Smith Barney Pacific, head of global equity sales and head of equity capital markets. Mark currently serves on the board of Proctor Academy. He earned his BA in economics from Cornell University.

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  • 2020 represented a dramatic disruption in the role of video meetings and virtual conferences in financial communications. There is ample evidence that the tools and practices that were adopted in the face of a pandemic are with us to stay. I'm proud of the way our global team has risen to the challenge of keeping face-to-face communications going among investors, banks, and public companies, even when it's impossible to be literally face-to-face.

    13 February 2021