Mark Pacitti, CFA

Founder and CEO at Woozle Research and 2 other companies
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Mark Pacitti, CFA, is the founder and CEO of Woozle Research.

Woozle is a private intelligence agency that provides institutional investors with the critical insights they need to make smarter investment decisions.

We help investors preempt risks and capitalise on opportunities by collecting first hand intelligence, producting expert-backed research, and sourcing a mosaic of diverse and informed opinions from the world's leading experts.

Our vision is for Woozle’s information, insights, and actions to consistently provide informational and analytical advantages for our investment clients.

Woozle is the largest private investment intelligence agency globally with more than 75 employees and 30 investment analysts. Prior to founding Woozle in 2017, Mark was an analyst at US Hedge fund Citadel and Goldman Sachs.

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