Mark Thimmig

Founder, Chairman, CEO at Esportz Network
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  • We continue moving forward with the development of Esportz Network as a global esports producer for some of the largest media properties seeking news, insight, analysis, and authentic content. As gaming and esports continue to grow in popularity, we see an insatiable appetite for the compelling content we will be producing. Esportz Network is a perfect partner for Fortune 100 and 500 companies seeking to engage with one of the most valuable market segments in the world, 18 to 34. We’ll be creating content that leading brands will be comfortable associating with and places them in the heart of the esports fan community.

    Fewer young people have the patience or interest in 30 minutes to 1-hour programming loaded with commercials. At Esportz Network, we are following the Quibi philosophy as we build programming content, designed for mobile, targeted specifically to the coveted 18-to-34 age group. Additionally, we will also be focusing on contributing content to some of the leading media properties that are interested in supplementing their own initiatives.

    The Esportz Network is constantly expanding our relationships and entertaining new investment that will further our plans for esports news and entertainment content development along with the launch of our esports media training division. Esports Media Training for gamers, teams, and brands investing in esports is a well-recognized area of need and opportunity.

    22 July 2020