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  • We had port and vessel operators calling us up and begging for some type of training tool for TWIC. We have to do everything we can to keep someone from smuggling a bomb into a port, or onto a vessel, or onto an oil rig in the Gulf. If that means scrutinizing employees closely, using a variety of means, so be it. In the maritime industry, workers can be on boats all over the world. Getting them to an enrollment center requires a lot of pre-planning. Everything You Need to Know about TWIC is a video-based DVD or web based program that can be shown on vessels or at maritime facilities to prepare workers for the approval process. "We want people to go to the enrollment center with all the documentation they need and be prepared to complete the paperwork correctly the first time. Every error along the way simply compounds the costs, for the employer, the worker, and for the federal government.

    Not only is the TWIC application incredibly complex mandating numerous government identity documents and navigation through often confusing forms, it also requires employers to train their employees on new US Coast Guard security procedures.

    30 June 2020
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