Mary Huang

On the record

Mary Huang, International Divorce Recovery Expert and Founder of Rise From Divorce AcademyTM, is on a mission to help spiritual single moms rebuild 'Unshakable Foundations' financially, mentally and emotionally.

After childhood abuse left Mary with the pattern of repeating toxic relationships, she created strategies leveraging epigenetics to break ancestral patterns of abuse in order to liberate future generations from trauma. Now with over 10 years as a Female Empowerment Expert, she dedicates her life to aiding women through 4 critical pillars: Financial Empowerment, Mental-Emotional Health, Spiritual Literacy and Conscious Parenting.

As an Inspirational Speaker, Mary has shared stages with Deepak Chopra and Les Brown to inspire life after loss, and is Host of the Rise From Divorce Podcast. Her bestselling books, The Empowered Child reveals actionable techniques to help moms manage stress while parenting consciously, and Set Sail helps readers understand the spiritual journey of turning trauma into points of power. For her expertise, Mary is in the award winning documentary The Weight of Success and podcasts like The Tao of Self Confidence.

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