Massimiliano Tirocchi

Co-Founder & CMO at Shapermint and 1 other company
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Massimiliano is the Co-Founder and actual CMO of Trafilea, a fast-growing ecommerce Group that builds and expands transformative brands online with 260+ talents worldwide. Shapermint, one of their last brands, grew from 0 to $200 Million and 4+ Million customers in the first two years. Profitable and self funded this brand is one of the fastest-growing online intimates marketplaces in the US.

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  • We can easily identify what is not working so well, including whether the item fits as expected. It could be whether there is a sizing [issue], or it could be that the compression is too high or too low.

    16 September 2021
  • There are no easy formulas or secrets. It’ s an entire mindset and having a team obsessed with results and data. We constantly analyze and conduct qualitative and quantitative research to ensure we know exactly what our personas ’ needs, what their desires and interests are, what languages they speak, and how they relate to our products.

    10 January 2020
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