Mathieu Mireault

Co-Founder and Medical Liaison at Dermadry
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Mathieu Mireault is the co-founder of Dermadry — a company based in Montreal, Canada, offering treatment for individuals who suffer from excessive sweating. The company, named after their anti-sweat medical device, Dermadry, treats Hyperhidrosis — otherwise known as abnormal perspiration — for feet, hands, and underarms.

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  • You need to have a strong purpose. Working for money might be an interesting incentive for some, but when the going gets tough, it’s the strong purpose that grounds people, not the money. People can get money from any job, what you have to offer them is a unique purpose proposition.

    17 August 2021
  • I believe that people are molded by their environment and I was lucky enough to be pushed by my parents to be ambitious. While I had initially gone the 9 to 5 route, I have a greater tolerance to risk and pain than the average person and those two qualities are essential to all entrepreneurs.

    17 August 2021
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  • Dermadry
    Co-Founder and Medical Liaison