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CEO & Founder at Appian Corporation and 1 other company
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Matt Calkins is founder and CEO of Appian. Matt grew Appian from a startup in his basement to the most successful software IPO of 2017 with just $10 million of outside capital. He has served on the board for the Northern Virginia Technology Council, the Virginia Public Access Project and the Sorensen Institute. Matt was top Economics graduate of his class at Dartmouth. He is the author of several award-winning board games, and is frequently a top finisher at the World Boardgaming Championships.

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  • There is a natural synergy between process mining, process modeling, and automation. We believe that our acquisition of Lana Labs means that only Appian will be able to take customers from knowing to doing, in a unified suite.

    30 November 2021
  • We were in a slow revolution when we were hit by a fast revolution last year. And the events of the last year have shown that the agility that has come from low code is really important as businesses want to change — but they can only change as fast as their software can change.

    30 November 2021
  • Contact tracing needs to keep track of the surfaces and facilities you and sick colleagues used. If you know which of your rooms to target, you know where best to send your deep cleaning team, and maximise use of your bleach, ethanol and wipes.

    7 July 2020
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