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Chief Executive Officer at TeraGo and 1 other company
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Matt has over 30 years of global high technology experience concentrated in the computing technology markets, and is currently a Rohinni board member and its CEO. Prior to Rohinni, Matt was a board member and CEO at Digital Fortress, a Seattle based provider of hybrid cloud and colocation services; a board member and EVP at 2nd Watch, one of Amazon Web Services largest global business partners; a board member and CEO at IT-Lifeline, one of Amazon Web Services first business partners; and a board member and CEO at SprayCool, a provider of thermal management technologies for high performance computing applications.

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  • In 2021, we will start to see mainstream adoption of premium products using mini LEDs in TV, video wall and consumer electronics applications like tablets and notebooks. Our new bondhead technology is driving this market by enabling true high volume manufacturing at a lower cost. This translates into less expensive devices for consumers, which will drive adoption and spur manufacturers to start implementing new designs for the coming wave of mini LED-based products.

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