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Vice President of Public Policy at DailyPay at DailyPay
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Matthew Kopko is the Vice President of Public Policy at DailyPay, Inc. He graduated from Princeton University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. He went on to have JD and MBA in Law and Business at the University of Chicago. Before working for DailyPay, he was the Director of Public Policy at Bird, an associate at Cooley LLP, and a Counselor to the Deputy Secretary and Special Advisor to the Secretary to the US Department of Transportation.

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  • While each experience is unique, through user reports on amounts saved, we estimate that the average worker saves about [$99] per month by having access to an on-demand pay service. Our study determined this number by asking workers how much they were spending on things like overdraft fees, late fees and payday loans before and after using DailyPay. Controlling for users who have had access to the service for a considerable people of time, the savings are substantial.

  • The 'Save' function we created at DailyPay as part of our industry-leading on-demand pay platform allows users to allocate money to savings, free of charge, either every day, every week or as needed. For many, this will be the first time they have ever started a savings program, embarking on the road to financial security at a time it's needed most.

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