Matt Watson

CEO and Co-founder at Origin Financial and 1 other company
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Matt is the Co-founder and CEO at Origin where he is working to solve employees’ number one source of stress: money. Prior to Origin, Matt was a founder at Indio Technologies, a software platform for commercial insurance which was acquired by Applied Systems in 2019. Matt started his career in Citigroup’s investment bank trading high yield credit in the power and mining industries. He is an alumnus of Johns Hopkins University.

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  • Origin believes every person deserves financial literacy and well-being, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation, and this data reinforces that expanding access to financial advice can directly improve financial confidence and help shrink these wealth gaps. By offering financial planning services as part of their benefits package, employers have a unique opportunity to not only differentiate themselves from other companies in a hot talent market, but to also do their part to mitigate the gender wealth gap, retirement crisis and overall financial stress within their teams, playing a vital role in reshaping the financial future for Americans.

    27 December 2021