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CEO and Founder at Seed Technology
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Matthew Cutone is the founder and CEO of Seed Technology, the third business he has partnered in and the second he has founded. Previously, he helped lead Horizon Technology from 10 employees and $5m in revenue to over 130 employees and $100m in revenue. In 2007, he co-founded Horizon Display, which brought him closer to the retailer and end user. Horizon Display has created interactive experiences to enhance the retail environment for clients like Tesla, Nike, Acura and Drybar. He’s always had a huge passion for solving real business problems with digital technology, and his prior experience makes him uniquely suited to navigating the developing cannabis industry. He and the Seed team are on a mission to make shopping at a dispensary the same as any other store by coupling self-service with credible education.

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  • Kiosks have the ability to display and highlight every one of your products and allow you the opportunity to feature specialty products to entice customers, like pre-roll packs instead of single pre-rolls. Self Service gives operators the ability to promote certain products and specials at scale.

  • Due to the infancy of this industry (in legal terms), many of the marketing and sales efforts have been more analog and organic than expected. We have spent 10+ years perfecting and executing a digital marketing strategy, and while we certainly deploy this, we have had to fall back on old school tactics. Trade shows, print ads, cold calls, pounding the pavement, etc. Fortunately, I love this kind of grind. There is no faster way to understand an industry than to be in its trenches, day in and day out.

  • The MSOs always introduce a level of complexity that I personally find interesting. Each state has its own laws and challenges, which then forces you to solve unique problems. With software, you can address them with much more agility. This is also benefits our existing customer base because it keeps the product evolving, as all Saas platforms should.

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