Matthew Putnam

CEO at Nanotronics
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Matthew is the Chief Executive Officer at Nanotronics, a science technology company that has redefined factory control through the invention of a platform that combines AI, automation, and sophisticated imagining to assist human ingenuity in detecting flaws and anomalies in manufacturing, an industry that has stagnated since the 1950s. Prior to Nanotronics, Matthew was an Owner and Vice President of Development for Tech Pro, Inc., which was acquired by Roper Industries in 2008. During his time at Tech Pro, he lead two acquisitions and the transformation of the instrument manufacturer into new global markets, having formed partnerships or subsidiaries in 15 nations.

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  • With few chips to spare, R&D teams are left without resources to innovate future models and perform necessary testing to bring new items to market. A company may find ways to stock up and sustain, but the larger impact is the effect on innovation. There is no telling how long this shortage will last.

    9 May 2022