Matthew Thompson

Senior Vice President of Civil Identity at IDEMIA
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Matthew Thompson is Senior Vice President of Civil Identity at IDEMIA and a member of the executive committee for Identity & Security business in North America. Prior to joining IDEMIA, Matt worked in Identity Services for Capital One and was the president and co-founder of ID.ME. Before pursuing a corporate career, Matt served in the U.S. Army Airborne Division and Ranger Regiment. He was deployed in four combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan for which he received two Bronze Star Medals.

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  • “Unemployment fraud is at an all-time high, and due to the pandemic, state systems are stressed with high volumes of applicants,” says Matt Thompson, SVP of Identity Solutions at IDEMIA. “With our ID&V and Mobile ID solutions, we are empowering states to process claims more efficiently and distribute benefits faster while reducing fraud. Applicants can complete transactions online, reducing the need for in-person office visits or manual processing of identity documents.”

    29 December 2020
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    Senior Vice President of Civil Identity