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Maureen Stockton wants women to have their shoes and wear them too. Stockton’s brainchild, Formé shoe shapers, fill a unique niche in the fashion marketplace – helping women get more wear out of the shoes they make a considerable investment in. Too often, expensive designer shoes surprise us as shockingly painful just a few steps into a first wear, and eventually get relegated to the back of the closet. Stockton experienced the problem herself and used her husband’s wooden shoe tree as a makeshift stretching solution. But these were made for the tougher leather used in men’s footwear and ended up ruining her pricey designer pumps. Stockton realized women needed a shoe stretching/shaping solution of their own.

It took Stockton, an entrepreneur and inventor with a 25-year track record developing products for companies like Mattel and Disney, four years to research perfect and manufacture Formé. The product offers consumers a customizable way to stretch the toe box of their shoes up to ½ size and also to keep the shoes in perfect shape when not in use. The company has seen $995,000 in sales in just 18 months, with all transactions profitable. Besides helping women preserve their shoes for longer wear and enjoyment, the device also increases their resale value – part of a huge trend toward a circular fashion economy where clothing and accessories are not discarded before their time, but instead, given a new life.

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  • Being here puts us in elite company and it’s a thrilling testament that our product truly works and resonates with a much larger audience than we could have imagined.

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