Maureen Tara Nelson

Relationship Expert/Coach, Professionally-certified Matchmaker at MTN Matchmaking and Relationship Coaching
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Maureen Tara Nelson is a lifelong Nassau County resident who continuously strives to be Long Island and New York City’s #1 Matchmaker. She is one of the most unique, genuine, and professional Matchmakers on Long Island. Maureen is also the only certified matchmaker on Long Island. She has been called “The nice Matchmaker” from Frankie Dee’s Radio Show, and “is the most positive person you will ever know” says one of her success stories.

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  • As crazy as it sounds, right now is the easiest time to meet someone. I’ve heard everything from, ‘I feel so lonely’ to ‘I don’t want to die alone.’ We are making lots of connections and giving people more chances to meet their match.

    15 September 2021
  • I used to say, ‘You have to come to my office to show you’re serious.’ If I was in my office, I felt they had to make an effort if they wanted a serious relationship. But during the pandemic, I decided to have virtual interviews, and people could go on virtual dates.

    15 September 2021
  • The supermarket. That is a perfect place to meet someone because say you are looking to get into great shape. Go around and find someone that you can see looks like they’re single because there’s only a few things in their shopping cart and if you notice most of the things that are in the shopping cart are health foods, that’s a great opener to a conversation

    8 February 2021
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