Meara McNitt

Social Media Director at Online Optimism
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As Social Media Director, Meara leads the development of content and social media advertising across social media platforms for businesses in varying industries. Along with writing the content, she assists her team in creating graphic and video media made to shine on social. She is constantly learning the latest tools and trends, and analyzing data and interactions to optimize client accounts. Meara is Sprout Social, Facebook Blueprint, and Snapchat Certified, ensuring her ability to monitor and develop social media accounts efficiently and successfully.

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  • For example, lots of teens are making content in their cars in the drive-thru, or behind the scenes when work gets slow. The types of videos are different, as well. TikTok allows users to reuse audio from original videos, so lots of memes are born, reimagined and recycled for months on the same audio with different formats.

    23 January 2022
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