Melanie Gersper

COO at Asia Capital Real Estate
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Melanie is responsible for the oversight of the property management partners who operate the portfolio of assets. Her work has included operating large portfolios of owned and fee-managed assets – both stabilized and new development – in several markets. Previous positions include COO at CFLane, Senior Vice President of Operations at Bell Partners, President of Operations for Cortland Partners and Regional Vice President of Lane Company. Earlier accomplishments include serving as Regional Manager, as well as in other capacities for Gables Residential, which was then a publicly-traded REIT. Melanie, who joined CFLane in 2013, earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

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  • Working with tenants was the “right thing to do” from an ethical standpoint. But even if eviction were an option, pushing out a tenant makes little financial sense. She’d be left with a vacant unit that could be costly to re-rent, especially during a pandemic.

    7 September 2021
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