Melissa "Dot" Desrameaux

Venue Manager at StarBase and 1 other company
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Strategic ideator. Dynamic and effective communicator. Builder of cohesive event landscapes, lively campaigns and opportune collaborations. Developer and designer of comfortable social experiences that stimulate interactivity. Mission driven and leveraging an eclectic background in PR, event production, marketing and hospitality. Melding creative talents with distinct tastes to produce inviting atmospheres for connectivity, entertainment and promotions. Engineer of intellective conversations. Optimizer of organizational systems and processes. Believer in natural alignments. Acute sense of vibrations and energy. Balanced between imaginative concepts and sensible endeavors. Resourceful networker and producer. Dot-connecting visualizer. Curious about psychology, design and linguistics. Excited by taking calculated risks—with a giggle.

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  • There were four shows that first weekend and they did really well. A lot of people came out and supported and were interested and excited. When you’re performing, usually you’re able to see faces and hear them clap and cheer, and these performers were able to get those responses from honking horns and flashing turn signals or headlights. It was really cool to see all that come together.

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