Meredith Turney

Conscious Leadership Coach at Meredith Turney Coaching
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Meredith Turney is a coach and consultant for organizations, companies, employees and entrepreneurs on how to bring more conscious leadership to work. She believes the future of work is more freedom and abundance for everyone—especially virtual work. Her newsletter, videos and trainings are focused on helping provide conscious leadership for teams and finding passion in work.

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  • Conversely, I’ve coached many professionals who had a financially successful career, but left it because they wanted to wake up each morning and jump out of bed eager to make a difference in the world. They now work for nonprofits or small companies.

    25 March 2022
  • This is a major shift. But I do think this is the future…A lot of young people don’t stay at a job more than a couple of years now. I don’t think they’re looking for a title — they’re looking for opportunities.

    25 March 2022
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