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Michael Alexis is CEO of teambuilding.com and owner of @museumhack. He is obsessed with page-speed optimization, ultra-light living and Asimov non-fiction. Technically a lawyer.

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  • The volume of remote (work) is still very high, and I believe that top-performing employees who value this flexibility will move towards companies that provide a remote option. In order to stay competitive, other organizations will need to follow suit.

  • In most cases, you’re an employee’s largest or only source of income, so your company is already tightly integrated with their financial life. If your employees have stressed financial lives, then you will see the impact in performance, productivity and the long-term health of your organization.

  • In a world of increasing flexibility and digitization, companies can look after their workforces where each individual is. For individuals who like to take as much time off as possible and completely disconnect, no problem. For employees who like to be tuned in, it’s important for companies to encourage breaks and time off, but to do so in a creative and supportive way.

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