Michael Carney

Director of Business Development at HouseSigma
On the record

Michael is Director of Business Development at HouseSigma, an AI-powered real-time real estate platform. He's also a realtor with HouseSigma. Michael has previously worked as a Director of Sales and Marketing at Evertrust Development Group, and as Director of Sales at City Condo Investments. He has extensive experience with hot housing markets, having worked in the Toronto area for most of his career. At HouseSigma, his goal is to make the real estate market more transparent. The company uses AI to compile data from various boards, analyze the data, and turn it into easy-to-digest formats for everyday users.

Recent Quotes
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  • “I would not suggest a client list their home for significantly less than what they are prepared to accept. Most buyers are aware of this tactic and of the true value of homes due to sold data aggregators like HouseSigma. This causes buyers to hesitate to view a newly listed property priced significantly under market value, particularly in markets with rising inventory”

  • “Bidding wars gives negotiating power to the seller, if a home has multiple potential buyers, there is a strong possibility that among the buyers, there is one willing to go higher than the current market value”

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