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VP Product Strategy at Jamf
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Michael Covington is vice president of product at Wandera. He previously held leadership roles performing security research and overseeing product development at Intel Labs, Cisco Security and Juniper Networks. Dr. Covington is a hands-on innovator and has broad experience across the entire product life cycle, from planning R&D to executing on product strategy. With a diverse background as a seasoned computer science researcher, an IT professional, and an effective product manager, Michael has experienced technology from all sides, and enjoys bringing new innovations to market, specifically in the areas of security and privacy. With eight patents pending and as the author of over 20 papers that have been published in leading academic conferences and journals, Dr. Covington’s research has explored formal access control models, cutting edge authentication techniques, and security approaches for pervasive computing environments. He is now focused on bringing next-generation mobile security technologies to market that are both effective and a delight to the use.

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  • Our service is specifically focused on mobile app intelligence. It allows us to monitor for threats in the different apps that users install on their devices and has visibility into how and when those apps communicate on the network; it allows us to look at whether individual apps are actually being used… It has a very good mix of both company-owned and personal devices.

    8 December 2021
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