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Michael is the Principal at foley&cox. He possesses a breadth of expertise in furniture design, customized color palettes, and interior architecture. His talented team is comprised of the finest suppliers and craftsmen on four continents. Michael worked in various home divisions of Polo/Ralph Lauren for 10 years. Production management refined his technical knowledge of manufacturing furniture, fabric, wallpaper, lighting, and paint. As Design Director of furniture, Michael broadened his historical understanding and expertise in countries as diverse as Indonesia, England, Bali, France, Chile, and the Philippines. In 2002, Michael and Mary Foley founded foley&cox and in 2007 launched foley&cox home.

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  • I would say, to be frank, the first five years were like, “Are we going to be in business next year?” It takes years to find your stride, and to learn the early lessons of what’s working and what’s not. Then the focus shifts from the client to the team, on some level. At the beginning, the client is the financial factor that allows the firm to survive, so that’s your priority and you are anxious to exceed the client’s expectations so that you’re building a great relationship, and then you’re anxious to find the next client.

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