Michael Litt

Co-Founder and General Partner at Garage Capital and 1 other company
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Michael is the co-founder and CEO of the leading Video Marketing platform, Vidyard. When he's not bringing leading video based technologies to market, he serves as general partner of Garage Capital, a seed stage fund focused on Super-Cluster companies looking to expand their networks into Silicon Valley. He also sits on the Communitech Board of Directors; a KW based organization designed to help companies start, grow and succeed.

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  • The growth of video in business isn't just due to the pandemic, there's a generational shift happening. Gen Z and millennials prefer video over text. As these demographics take over the corporate world, this generation may finally be the ones to dramatically reduce our dependence on text-based email and engagement systems.

    23 September 2021
  • The new era of video in business has arrived. Leading companies across industries are maturing their use of video technology and embracing a video-first approach to sales and marketing. The cultural obligations of traditional work and how buyers and brands interact have changed forever. The enterprise video market is energized, and we’re excited about Vidyard’s opportunity to grow with it rapidly.

    23 September 2021
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  • Garage Capital
    Co-Founder and General Partner
    started Dec 2013
  • Vidyard
    Co-Founder and CEO
    started Aug 2011