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Food scientist Michael Lloyd, CEO of Num Num Sauce, wants to change condiments to make them healthy. He started with his grandfather’s recipes from 40 years ago, then developed a process to get more vegetables and less sodium into his line of Num Num Sauces, and STILL have them test great. The company has been pretty successful, now in around 50 Whole Foods stores.

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  • Fans have coined the sauce ‘The Taste of Southern Hospitality’. So much in American society represents ‘Southern Black culture,’ including sauces, condiments, and food sciences. There are currently no nationally distributed Black-own condiment or BBQ sauce brand manufactured by BIPOC-owned and operated company in the US. Given that condiments and BBQ sauces represent Southern Black Culture, it is fitting that Num Num Sauce is on the path to be recognized.

    21 July 2021
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