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Founder & CEO at CoinAgenda and 3 other companies
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Michael Terpin has more than 25 years of PR agency management. He has directly supervised many renowned PR campaigns of the digital media era, including early-stage PR for America Online, Earthlink, Jupiter, Motley Fool, Match.com, and Shapeways, as well as full-service campaigns with established brands. In the blockchain sector, Terpin has led the PR efforts for more than 100 blockchain companies and foundations, including some of the leading token crowdsales.

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  • Ethereum is also known for powering most of the current DeFi [decentralized finance] and NFT ecosystems, giving it a unique competitive edge. Few other cryptos can match these dynamics today.

  • Everybody talks about the volatility [of Bitcoin], but it has tended to go up. [2021] has been one of the least volatile years.

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