Michelle Mikesell

Chief People Officer at G&A Partners
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Michelle Mikesell is the Chief People Officer at G&A Partners. Michelle is a results-driven human capital management expert with an entrepreneurial mindset. She is certified in the HR discipline, with over 25 years of leadership experience assisting businesses in various industries align their people and business strategies to successfully grow their organizations.

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  • I think the biggest challenge in going back to work is not for the worker, but the business leaders. We have all learned new ways to communicate and share information. At G&A Partners, we connect with our employees daily, to keep them updated on the business, and to share stories of how we are all adjusting to this new environment. We have learned to embrace flexibility, and we cannot return to an eight to five schedule at the office and expect things to be just as they were before we left. Supervisors, managers, and executives need to communicate consistently and openly more than ever before.

    10 November 2021
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