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Michelle Starr has worked with some of the most brilliant minds in the Consumer Goods
industry and the Aerospace industry and now she advocates for women of all colors in the
workplace by focusing her work on inclusion. Over her career, she’s worked in organizations
with all levels, functions, and international teams on successful projects. She has a bachelor’s
degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from The University of Cincinnati in Ohio. She
belongs to a multicultural (majority) women’s networking group called Parents Across Cultures.
She sits on her HOA board. She assisted INROADS, a non-profit organization that creates
pathways to careers for ethnically diverse high school and college students across the country.
She fundraised for more than ten years supporting schools on being more diverse and
inclusive. She has helped many women advocate for themselves. She has given a TED.com
talk at the TEDxCherryCreek event.
Michelle resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband of twenty-three23 years and son in
college. She loves to spend time with family and read genres on self-help, well-being, mystery,
and classics. Her love of writing stemmed from years and years of reading books as a child and
hopes to inspire many to capture their thoughts, suggestions, and ideas in writing to share with
the world. She loves to participate in helping the world be fair to all.

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  • For America to thrive and succeed, we all must BE BROWN BRAVE, which requires senior leaders in every industry to commit to interweaving inclusion throughout their entire organizations for the women of color in leadership positions and have all employees become aware of their own biases in order to scale empathy and build revenue.