Michelle Sultan

Hair Stylist at Imbue
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Michelle is a Hair Stylist at Imbue. She boasts a successful career that has spanned over 20 years. As a child visiting her Aunt in New York City, she began to learn and respect the intricacies and skill it takes to be a truly exceptional hairstylist. Michelle graduated After from Kingston College, and quickly become known as one of only a handful of hairstylists who specialized in afro hair. She was awarded Afro Hair Stylist of the Year In 2010 at the prestigious British Hairdressing awards and is a regular judge for the L’Oréal Colour Trophy.

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  • This is the point where you ‘go’. Leave the hair to dry naturally. This can take a while if you live in colder climates. My advice is do not touch whilst the hair is drying as you may cause the hair to frizz and break up the curl pattern. It’s an easy routine to stick to. It’s foolproof once you know what your hair likes and what turns out best.

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