Mike Delaurier

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Mike Delaurier grew up in the restaurant business. Starting as a line cook at the young age of 14, Mike continued to work at his family’s restaurant throughout high school. During this time, he fell in love with the art of running a restaurant. Operating in various positions gave him an appreciation for the hard work required for the industry, while providing exceptional food and genuine customer service. A phrase often heard at Maple Leaf Diner is, “how is the couple at table 33?” Mike’s goal is for every guest to leave his restaurant with a full stomach and a smile!

Mike considers the hospitality industry to be much more than a profession, it is his lifestyle. He goes above and beyond to improve the lives of everyone around him, especially his team of employees from the front of the house to the back of the kitchen. He is a firm believer of hiring people to give them a second start and empowering them to work towards a brighter future. Maple Leaf Diner’s employees are the backbone of the business. Beyond the poutine, the welcoming and friendly atmosphere makes Maple Leaf Diner a place that diners keep coming back to for more even when there is a wait. That is the Canadian way, eh?

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