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Vision, innovation, leadership and execution. Passion is the driver of my journey. I am an innovator and doer. I see the world that can be and build teams to make it happen.

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  • It’s the next generation of the internet that’s a more interactive and immersive version. Think of it as a very large game that will influence the next iteration of social interactions. The metaverse bold, grand, and big. Users will also be able to consume it through multiple platforms. It includes avatars that symbolize who someone is that can interact and engage. He further noted, “It’s the intersection of the next generation of social media, connecting, and commerce.

    28 November 2021
  • The term is being both improperly and overly used to describe products and, as we’ve just seen with the Facebook rebrand, a company. This is one of the problems with Facebook’s play: We believe there can only be one Metaverse, and to be part of it, there has to be interconnectivity and self-sovereignty of identity. So, in practice, companies and products that are calling themselves ‘a metaverse’ are simply referring to apps and worlds — or in the case of Facebook, its own universe. Perhaps in the future, if they adopt a self-sovereign universal identity system, they can become part of the Metaverse. Owning your avatar and all its data is a fundamental tenet. If your interactive digital identity is not transportable to a destination, then, by definition, that destination can not be part of the Metaverse. That is the basis of [each person’s] digital identity, which enables all their interactions and how they are represented in each interconnected experience.

    28 November 2021
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