Michael Taylor

Travel Intelligence Lead at J.D. Power
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Michael Taylor is managing director for travel, hospitality and retail intelligence at J.D. Power. He is responsible for providing industry thought leadership and business improvement recommendations to the company’s clients in the airline, airport, and car rental segments. Mr. Taylor founded and led the travel practice at J.D. Power from 1998 to 2004, and rejoined J.D. Power in 2017. Previously he worked as a consultant to academic medical centers and oilfield service providers.

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  • The vaccine is really starting to shift public sentiment especially about travelling. I believe there is going to be a pent up demand for travel, revenge travel if you wish.

    25 April 2021
  • Today’s passengers expect trouble-free connectivity for personal devices and airlines are challenged to keep pace with the technology that can achieve that goal.

    25 April 2021
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