Mike Whitmire

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at FloQast
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Inactive CPA turned Entrepreneur. I love building software that helps accountants go home early.

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  • I’m an accountant at heart, and FloQast is designed to specifically address the real-life pain points that accountants deal with, beginning with the monthly close. Recognition from G2 is special because it reflects the feelings of actual users, meaning we’re hitting the mark in delivering tools that accountants need. As our users continue to show us love, we plan to continue to innovate and develop new features to automate accounting processes and make their lives easier.

    28 February 2021
  • In uncertain times, every dollar counts. One size does not fit all and for many organizations, the complexity of legacy close management software leads to poor user adoption and the promised benefits that drove the purchase are never realized. In any environment, but particularly in the challenging one that we now face, accounting teams require a solution that makes them more productive and their lives easier, and we are committed to making that possible for any organization.

    9 June 2020
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    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer