Mikhail Ilyaich

Founding Law Partner at Gregory Spektor & Associates PC
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Mikhail Ilyaich is a Personal Injury Attorney, Founding & Managing Partner of Gregory Spektor & Associates, PC. Mikhail has successfully tried hundreds of case in Supreme Court Courts in New York States and has recovered Millions of Dollars in Compensation for his clients who were injured in Car and Construction Accidents.

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  • Video is now king on social media. For example, we employ a legal marketing firm, JurisQ, to film short video clips on the most commonly asked legal questions to educate the public about the personal injury law. We provide free content on social media and prospective clients get to see our personality and our knowledge of the law.

  • Legal work is like a living organism, it constantly adapts. Legal profession was propelled to the 21st Century and we now have many more virtual hearings and depositions so we don’t have to get 6 people into one room on the same date and same time. The system became more efficient from a time standpoint.

  • Don’t judge the book but its cover. For me great success is not the amount of money won but when you win a case that my other colleagues have turned down because they thought it was unwinnable. We just had a case where 7 other lawyers turned down a case but our client walked away with almost a quarter of a million dollars.