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Author, commentator and speaker. Consulting economist and strategist. Recently retired senior economist and market strategist from Lord, Abbett & Co. In my more than 40 years in international investing, I have also held positions as chief investment officer, portfilio manager, and director of research. I appear regularly on the business broadcast media, have written for both trade and general publications, and spoken to both professional and general audiences across the United States and abroad on issues of relevance to investing and planning.

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  • We had over 40 million Americans who had applied in the previous few weeks for unemployment insurance. That would have been an unemployment rate of about 20%. Against that 40 million who have been claiming, you’re telling me that 2.5 million many found jobs? No, I’m skeptical.

    10 November 2020
  • People get a sense of worth from being self-reliant. A handout bribing them to be quiet is not the way to accomplish this. That’s not economics.

    23 July 2019
  • In essential ways, Trump’s so-called “New Foundation for American Greatness” is no different from budgets proposed by Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, and just about everyone else before them going back into the mists of political time.

    13 June 2017
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