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Chief Economist at CrossBorder Solutions
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As Chief Economist of CrossBorder Solutions, Mimi is responsible for managing client relationships and ensuring the successful completion of all work. At the original iteration, she served as Vice President, Professional Services. Following the sale to Thomson Reuters, Mimi was a Vice President at Duff & Phelps and served as the Head of Transfer Pricing at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ.

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  • Inflation is always a concern and it's an easy concept to grasp. Lower supplies could lead to higher prices for the short-term and more stimulus could lead to higher disposable income.

    5 April 2021
  • The bottom line is, if there’s a no- deal Brexit situation. the whole entire industry could be weakened by the collapse of the EU exports. If you don’t come to a free trade agreement you’re going to have a situation where there’s going to be increased tariffs on both the import and export side. Both sides having a tariff imposed is going to have an impact on the underlying price, going to disrupt the entire supply chain and the actual profitability of these businesses.

    5 April 2021
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