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Mirwan Suwarso is an Official Representative at Mola TV, an OTT multimedia company encompassing sports, music, and film content. Before Mola, he worked as Creative Head at MSP Entertainment and Film Director at Destiny Films.

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  • As recently reported, Netflix, Amazon, ESPN, and others are in a bidding war to win broadcasting rights for Formula 1. Is UFC next?
    I’d say streaming sports could deliver the death blow to broadcast TV. They’re better off buying the whole business. At 4.4 billion, it’d be a better business decision in the long run. As it would be with the UFC.
    Disney has done wonders with managing an entertainment asset like the Avengers, and the business ecosystem to maximize revenue through parks and licensing. Netflix doesn’t have an ecosystem to diversify its streaming risks. F1 or UFC would provide events, licensing, and much more than just subscription revenue.

  • The key step that needs to be rectified is eliminating the many processes required to adopt a crypto-based ecosystem. At present, one would have to create a wallet, purchase cryptocurrency, and then purchase crypto assets. We feel the process should be seamless and just as easy as when someone buys something from Amazon or eBay. Simplifying this process has become our main priority, and we hope global platforms such as Meta and Twitter will help simplify the process of crypto purchase and transfer.

  • We believe in the potential of technology and how it can modernize the entertainment industry, especially in event ticketing and customer loyalty programs. We opted to test how ready the market was to embrace the concept, and what we found was that although the market was keen, there was still a massive disparity between their enthusiasm and crypto adoption. Therefore, there is a clear need to provide a solution where crypto products are delivered and used in a manner that consumers are already accustomed to.

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