Misha Hanin

President and CEO at DeepDive Technology
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  • We believe that blockchain innovation is bigger than the internet itself. We believe that in the next 3, 5, 7, 10 years, we'll see a huge WORLD transformation driven by blockchain. We'll start solving huge problems for large enterprise companies, governments, and entire nations using this technology. At DeepDive Technology Group, we believe that Hyperledger Fabric will play the absolute leading role in driving blockchain innovation forward. Our own team of enterprise blockchain trailblazers is currently building production level use-cases using Hyperledger Fabric; we see how in the past two years, blockchain has gone from something almost no enterprises talked about, to something half of enterprises have now planned serious investments in. We're thankful to be members of the Hyperledger community, to play a leading role in the advancement of enterprise blockchain ourselves.

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