Mitchell Rock

Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial
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Mitchell Rock is a Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial. Their mission is clear - to help preserve assets which in many cases have been created over a lifetime of hard work. Their team strives to provide a suite of services ranging from wealth management and investment planning strategies to providing clients with access to lending and banking services. All of this is done while delivering a client experience similar to what you would expect to get from a much smaller investment boutique.

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  • Because Ameriprise has a singular focus on sophisticated wealth management and comprehensive financial planning, the client response to moving assets was extraordinary. The deep relationships I’ve built with clients, coupled with the strong leadership and growth resources of the firm, give me confidence that I will continue to serve my affluent clients and their families well here. Clients see the value I’m able to offer at Ameriprise, which has helped me transfer more accounts early on.

    25 October 2021
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