Mollie Khine

Senior Director of Coaching at Flatiron School and 1 other company
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Mollie partners with young and mid-career professionals who are looking for more meaning or direction in their work, or who simply want to get unstuck. She helps them find the success and personal fulfillment they desire. Mollie is also a Certified Professional Coach.

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  • You don’t need to be everywhere online to create a digital presence. But you do need to engage early on in your search because it takes time to build credibility and contacts. Rather than a mirror, hone your storytelling skills by participating in mock interviews with family and friends well before the big event.

    8 May 2021
  • A job search is high stakes. ... The pressure is real, and the follow-up is an extension of that interview process. So just as folks are nervous about the interview itself, it makes sense that you’d also be nervous about the correspondence.

    8 May 2021
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