Molly George

CEO and Founder at Kickstand Communications, LLC
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I have the privilege of leading Kickstand, a Digital PR firm helping high-growth technology brands scale and successfully exit. For the last 9+ years, we've built and managed integrated communications programs for the tech innovators that are changing the way we work, live, and play. Today, I lead a team of global experts in PR, content, social, and research, overseeing company growth strategy, business development, and people operations. Prior to founding Kickstand, my career was built running in-house comms at companies including a national advertising agency (acquired), a pioneer in social commerce (IPO 2011), a bootstrapped custom manufacturing company (acquired for $280MM), and an enterprise mobile design and development firm with clients like Audi, Verizon, The Economist, and Pearson Education. I've always had a love for applying data to better understand the "why" - today, Kickstand upholds a commitment to building data-centered programs that drive better results, faster.

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