Morris Armstrong

Founder & Owner at Morris Armstrong EA LLC and 1 other company
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Morris Armstrong is the founder of Armstrong Financial Strategies which is a small registered advisor firm located in Cheshire CT. The firm adheres to fiduciary standards and is fee-only and is 20 years old. The investment philosophy tends to favor the boring passive strategies with an overweight to sectors to add excitement. Morris Armstrong has been active in the field of divorce since earning a designation way back in 2001. We have witnessed the evolution of the divorce process from adversarial to Collaborative and still enjoy providing some insight into the process. Currently, we only provide advice on "cordial divorces", exposure to venomous relationships is dangerous to long-term mental health!

In addition, Morris is the owner of Morris Armstrong EA LLC which is devoted to assisting people with tax issues - Preparation through Resolution is the mantra. The EA stands for enrolled agent and is a license issued by the US Treasury which permits the holder to represent people before all levels of the IRS. In addition, he has advanced work in resolution and is fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute, which shows a commitment to learning more about the complex field of resolution. However, I still need a token to ride the subway.

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  • Will the postcard gain wide acceptance? We have a better chance of seeing Trump’s tax return before we ever see a legitimate postcard-type return in America.

  • In Connecticut, we’ve had some arrests of fraudulent preparers and clients bring that up in passing. In the past 18 years, no one has ever questioned my standing but often wonder why and how people do it. Signs that I tell them may be a trigger are very high refunds, very high fees and of course their telling you what you should deduct.